It's a Fernandez thing...

...and I'm doing it the Suffolk way :o)

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Apr 8

Eight places where it is unlikely you’ll see Michael Kitchen…

But I like to think the Etch-a-Sketch is possible :o)

George Gently For britishdetectives

And Banksy style for abjectadmirer

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    Etch-a-sketch very possible, mug is likely as well. Oh, if I send you a picture of my bedroom, could you make a picture...
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    I want that mug for work,lol.
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    Jilly is a wonder!
  7. pdx144 said: So clever!
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    Jilly’s creativity knows no bounds. I echo that sentiment ^^^^
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    Thanks Jilly. You are brilliant!
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    Oh this is comPLETELY mind-my-Frenching BRILLIANT!!!!!! OK: one thing missing from this lineup: a Banksy graffito. DO...
  12. britishdetectives said: So, can you mass produce those MK coffee mugs? My George Gently mug is very lonely right now.
  13. cmee57 said: I’ve never been able to draw anything or anyone very well on an Etch-a-Sketch. Everything I do looks like squiggles. LOL Well done Jilly!
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