It's a Fernandez thing...

...and I'm doing it the Suffolk way :o)

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Jan 10

After getting over the excitement that The Professionals episode 'Runner' was actually on TV tonight and after discussing the ‘bad lighting’ of some of the scenes with abjectadmirer, I thought I’d do some screencaps with some of the darker shots lightened. They could be better but as the movie itself is fairly old, this is the best I could do :o)

Sorry they are so big - didn’t realise they were until after I posted them.

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    These are great, Jilly! You can actually see his face in them now, where before it was difficult. If only talented...
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    What??? Imperfections???! Okay, I get it. You must be "joking". He has no "imperfections"; however, I would quite...
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    I almost didn’t recognize him! So young!
  4. steviecat123 said: Well darn it missed it! Thanks for the images :))
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    He doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I’ll take him anyway I can get him. LOL
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    Bless you, Darling. And the zit under his lower left lip is hardly visible. So, for the benefit of hardcore fans, who...
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