It's a Fernandez thing...

...and I'm doing it the Suffolk way :o)

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Aug 19



A sweet scene from Fools of Fortune, 1990.

(You were right jilly, it is a dark scene :O( This was as light as I could make the gifs without distortion.)

Lovely, previously unseen footage! Thanks vt. May I suggest a song to go with this? Lorraine Bowen’s I’m in Love With Julie Christie

Best thing about these - you can’t hear his dodgy accent lol

Gotta love him and his tash though 😊

Aug 11

A big thank you to @britishdetectives for my delightful mug - the Earl Grey went into it like a shot! And splendid “literary swan’ lol, I’m petrified to open it to see which book it’s from in case I can’t get it back again :o)

My first mug with 6 suited men on lol xxx


Jul 25
Have a beautiful birthday abject admirer​ :o)
Guess who turned up to help you blow those candles out? ;o)

Have a beautiful birthday abject admirer​ :o)

Guess who turned up to help you blow those candles out? ;o)

Jul 11

Foyle’s War through the seasons.

Getting excited for number 9 :o)

Original pic sources - Echo, Fansite, PBS

Jul 7

Due to a trip to Norfolk, I missed International Kissing Day in the UK. Dash it - but better late than never ;o)

Mwah mwah

Jul 5

Saturday night and things are definitely alright lol

(via vampireadamooc)

Jul 4


          History Of The Inverted Jenny Stamp

"When a 24-cent stamp debuted on May 14, 1918, to commemorate the start of the first regularly scheduled airmail service, collectors knew it had been rushed into production, and would be printed in two colors, which meant that rare and valuable errors might slip into circulation. Even so, William T. Robey of Washington, D. C., was flabbergasted to discover a sheet of 100 stamps mistakenly showing the Curtiss JN-4H, the biplane known as the ‘Jenny’, upside down. ‘The clerk reached down under the counter and brought forth a full sheet,’ Robey recounted 20 years later, ‘and my heart stood still.’ He would soon learn that he had purchased the only sheet of erroneous stamps to fall into public hands.

Airmail service began the next day between Washington, Philadelphia, and New York, thanks to pioneering aviators like Reuben H. Fleet (Shown on the front of the stamp sheet). Over time, the Inverted Jenny sheet was broken up and sold, creating some of the most coveted collectibles in the world.

Today, two Inverted Jenny stamps soar among the treasures at the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum in Washington, D. C. With the opening of the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery in 2013—the museum’s 20th anniversary—visitors will also see a loaned block of four Inverted Jennys, one of only a handful in existence, in a setting that honors the innumerable ways one stamp can turn a moment in history upside down.”

Mr. Foyle admiring an Inverted Jenny in “Eternity Ring”

MK can come and admire my reprints of the Inverted Jenny anytime he wants! Just stamp him and Airmail him my way! (Just be sure you put a note on him…”handle with care”!)

Fascinating history Miss mkmohair 😊

Jul 1


For Jilly (like you need more TBV gifs, right?) and anybody else who likes MK in TBV.

Frank Hunter gives the student advice on his golf swing in The Browning Version, 1985.

With him as an instructor, any of us could become a member of the LPGA in a matter of weeks. I personally like how he pushes the kid’s head down so very gently in gif number five.

My, my my. Just look at that schwing {:Ob~

{This is only the beginning….}

Thank you vagabondtrousers, beautifully done :o) I see you noticed the world is thirsty for TBV and Frank Hunter gifs. Especially that swing… Oh my… ;o)

Oh this is good :o)

Oh this is good :o)

Jun 25
For vagabond trousers​ (and anyone else with a penchant for the naughty Roman)

For vagabond trousers​ (and anyone else with a penchant for the naughty Roman)


Jun 24

Anonymous said: Well-done Jilly!Visiting your blog is always a treat!Thanks a lot!

Thank you Anon - happy days :o)

DCS Foyle and some of his roles…

Jun 20

Michael Kitchen as David in Benefactors (1989) written by Michael Frayne. Episode 6 of season 4 of the BBC’s Theatre Night.

Something a little ‘ooh err’ about MK looking like my school English teacher… ;o)

vagabondtrousers said: Your school English teacher looked like that?! I grew up in the wrong country!

Oh yes… I didn’t miss many of those classes lol

Jun 17

Michael Kitchen as the egotistical marquis Acaste in Molière’s The Misanthrope (1980)…

My favourite Kitchen line… “Of course, I’m flattering myself

Marvellous :o)

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